The One Hormone That Will Make or Break Your Next Weigh-in

Vlog: The one hormone that is naturally present in a wrestler's body that will make or break their weigh-in and ability to easily lose water weight.


Hey guys, Jackie Slomin here, founder of nutrition on the Mat and the roman protocol where we make weigh-ins an afterthought for wrestlers. And in this video we're actually going to be talking about is the number one hormone that is naturally present in a wrestler's body that is going to make or break their ability to weigh in.

So yes, you heard me right?

We're going to talk about exactly what wrestlers do that is detrimental to this hormone that affects their ability to lose water weight easily. Why traditional outdated cutting methods such as starving, spitting, or sweating is actually backfiring and not only hurting their performance and their health is actually making it harder for them to make weight and exactly what you guys need to do instead to be able to train your body to be able to get rid of really large amounts of water weight without a ton of effort.


So the star of our show of what we're going to be talking about is a hormone in the body called ADH or antidiuretic hormone. And I think the best way to explain this is to actually show you guys, I'm visually how this works in the body, how it affects water loss and kind of what we need to do to get it to work for us instead of against us biologically.

So I am actually going to go switch right now to my screen share and I'm going to show you guys exactly how this process works and what it looks like.


Okay guys. So we are now in our screen share mode and I'm actually really excited to show you guys what this looks like because, so for those of you who, do you know what the rubber protocol is? I get questions all the time.

We're like, Hey Jackie, we get traditional cutting socks. We get that the Roman protocol doesn't use that system for making weight. and we know that there's a better way, but we really don't understand the mechanism and the process behind what you do and why it's different. So I think that's going to really bridge this gap.

For those of you that are looking for that information. And for those of you that don't know what the Roman protocol is or don't use that, that's okay too. This video is going to be really helpful in being able to explain to wrestlers exactly why traditional cutting doesn't work and not only why it's detrimental to your performance and your health because absolutely, but also why it is actually backfiring on how they make weigh ins and making the process a lot more difficult than it needs to be.


So what we're going to do right now is explain how that Hormone Adh works and the body. And the first thing that I always tell people is Adh. The antidiuretic hormone and the body's ability to get rid of water weight are inversely related.

So as Adh goes up, your body's ability to lose water, weight goes down. So why is that important? Because prolonged cutting methods and traditional cutting methods in general, so sweating, starving Abilene sauna suits.  

Epsom salt baths is a little bit of a newer one, but it's definitely something that people do. Don't recommend any of these. By the way, all of these methods are increasing our Adh. And the longer that we do them for, the higher it gets. So when wrestlers are trying to cut weight for days or weeks before a way in there, making this process so much harder on their bodies than it needs to be.


So let's explain exactly how this works. So, um, we are just going to kind of graph this out. And I'm not doing this for any reason in particular, but let's just say that you're wrestler is, so it's a Monday and they have a Friday and just picking a random day here. So what happens is a, we're gonna say that they're going to start trying to make weight on Monday, right?

So this line is going to be our ADH and we want it to be fairly low. But what happens is the longer that we're doing these old school cutting methods, the higher and higher our ADH starts to climb. And this is typically what it would look like, right?

So this is our ADH, and what that means is our water loss. So let's say like you typically can lose let's say five pounds in a practice.


I think that's pretty standard for most wrestlers. Might be a little higher, might be a little lower. No problem. As we start doing our cutting techniques are weight loss. So our ability to lose weight on these days.

So let's just say again, we're just throwing out random numbers here, but let's just say we can start off and we can lose five pounds in a practice or with whatever methods were using to make weight. But as these numbers increase, as we prolong this process, our body's ability to get rid of water weight goes down dramatically.

So that's why you might see um when wrestlers first start trying to make weight, it's actually pretty easy and it's supposed to be, our body is supposed to be able to get rid of water weight very easily, but as we do this process, it gets harder and harder and it doesn't just get harder for the time that one time that you're making wait for it will get harder for it the rest of the season.


So, this probably sounds pretty familiar, but have you ever noticed that your wrestling might have a really easy time making weight? In the beginning; so like right after weight certifications, let's say that's like November or December, whatever time your season starts, but then as the months go by, their ability to lose weight.

So maybe it was five pounds in a practice. Now they're struggling to even lose one or two. And it is because we are affecting, our ADH, we're affecting our abilities, our body's ability to lose water weight. So now let's talk about the right way to do this and how to get ADH to work for us instead of against us. So we said that Adh & Waterweight are inversely related.

So when one goes up, the other goes down. Now the important part about this and what I want you to Tuck in the back of your head is that we can manipulate ADH to work for us as we said. So as ADH goes down, our body's ability to lose water, weight goes up, and it goes up dramatically. So let's make our chart again. And this time we're going to show you what this process should look like.


Okay, so we've got our days mapped out right here. Don't mind my handwriting. It's not the best, but that's not important. Right? Okay, so these are our pounds. This is our weigh in date.  

So we're going to graph our ADH again. So this time instead of doing traditional cutting methods, we're not doing anything for the first few days of our way in and this is how it's supposed to be. So when we're not doing anything to affect our ADH at this point it's going to be relatively stable. Now what we want to do is again, and we only want to do this about 24 hours before our way in is by taking in the right amount and types of food and fluids, so


Specific amount of fluids, specific timing as well as if you guys have seen any of my other videos, what we talked about is a low residue diet. When we take all of these components and these puzzle pieces, we put them in the right order and also the right timing. I always stress that timing is so important here because some people kind of have an idea of how this works, but they don't understand a specifically, um, how this process is individualized for their wrestler.

Cause it's going to be a little different for everybody, but also the timing behind it. That's where people really get this messed up and it backfires. But if we have all of these components correctly and we get that food to get that hydration, we get this room protocol process working. What we can do is the day before waned we can dramatically and temporarily reduce our levels of Adh in our body.


And what this is going to do is our water weight in response is going to be, so let's say again, it's fairly stable with our ADH. Our body's ability to lose water weight goes up dramatically for this 24 hours before our weigh in.

So if we're doing this correctly, not only do we lose a ton of weight in the process, so with the Roman protocol, what I tell people is they can expect three to 6% of their total body weight to be lost in intracellular fluids using this process.

So that is approximately six to 12 pounds. What that means is that you can sit six to 12 pounds above your scratch weight at any given time and use this process and in about 24 hours make weight, um, this three to 6%, that is called our strike weight. So if we are near our strike weight that three to 6%, we can use this Roman protocol and make our weight.


Um, and the other part of that is not just about making weight. When we're not doing all of these traditional cutting methods, guess what? We are not experiencing those signs and symptoms of outdated weight cutting methods. So there's the Monday through Thursday.

We're not starving, we're not dehydrating our bodies. We are not low on energy or strength and we're not doing tons of extra workouts and pretty much all the stuff that people typically do that leads to burnout. Instead your wrestler can fuel and hydrate at 100%.

They can focus on their technique getting better and they're not preoccupied with making weight. This is going to allow them to not only make weigh-ins a breeze and like I said, an afterthought, but it's also an allow them to step on the mat at 100%. So most wrestlers when they're doing outdated cutting methods, they get burnt out, especially um, you know, middle of the second period to the end of the third period.


And the reason is is because we've depleted our bodies for so long that there is no way for us to adequately adequately recover them right after our way in and before our matches. So again, high school level or college level, we're talking here, you know, most states you weight in and then you are competing 30 to 60, sometimes 90 minutes afterwards, but it's usually pretty, pretty quick.

But what we're doing with this process instead is because we're only doing this for a day and because we're also kicking into something, and I'll explain this a little better in a different video. We're kicking into something called intracellular fluid instead of extracellular fluids.

Intracellular fluids are kind of like the reserve tank of our body. It's something that we can get rid of temporarily for a short period of time without it causing symptoms of dehydration without it effecting our strength and our performance and when we're just taking out that reserve tank.


We're able to rehydrate and replenish with enough time to be at 100% for our matches. So I hope this explanation helped you guys. I'm really excited to see what your response is to this and if it helps you understand and not only the Roman protocol, but also just why traditional cutting doesn't work. It's not only detrimental, and I know, I'll keep saying that I'm a broken record.

It's not only detrimental to your performance and your health, but it is a really inefficient way to make way. And if we do this process the right way instead, it becomes so much easier. So let me know if this helped you guys. Um, for those of you that are interested in figuring out what your scratch weight, um, your strike rate is, so that three to 6% that we can then use as a Roman protocol. I'm going to post a link below to a little cheat sheet on how to figure that out.


It's super simple. It should take maybe like 30 seconds. And what that's going to do is that is going to give you a really good starting point to figure out how to start this process. So if you're within that strike weight, then you can do this immediately, no problem.

And if you're above your strike rate, that's okay too. What you need to do is come up with a descent plan, um, really, really easily to slowly get down to within that strike weight. Um, this is something that I do with all my wrestlers when using the Roman protocol. Um, so we kind of set them up for success that way. And then once they are ready to make weight at that strike zone, um, it is so effortless.

So click that link below, let me know what your strike rate is, let me know how close you are. And yeah, I'll be doing more videos. I'm extending a little bit more about, um, your strike weight, your strike zone and how to kind of get this process to work for you instead of against you. But I hope this video was helpful. And until next time, guys, I'll talk to you later.

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