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Homemade Sports Drink Recipe for Wrestlers

If you’re looking for a no fuss homemade sports drink recipe for your wrestlers next weigh-in or tournament, you’re in the right place. This electrolyte beverage is all natural, takes 5 minutes to make, and will replenish the three key things your recipe needs during a match: Fluids, electrolytes, and quick digesting carbohydrates. An added bonus?  You […]

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Episode 1: Weight Management 101

Episode #001: Weight Management 101May 14th, 2019 by JackieIn today’s episode, I’m talking about everything wrestlers, parents and coaches need to know when discussing weight management, weigh-ins and yes, even weight cutting.  This episode is for high school and college aged wrestlers.In this episode, I cover:The true definition of weight cutting and why it’s different […]

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How State Champs Use The 1.5% Rule To Make Weight Without Losing Strength

Losing more than 1.5% of your weight in a week?  You’re actually actually destroying your muscle mass. Have you ever seen your wrestler’s “before and after” picture comparing how they look pre-season vs in-season? They usually start off the season: strong, lean and muscular.  Because they’ve had months to focus on camps and training to work on their […]

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How to Increase Energy by 30% for Wrestling Practice

It’s frustrating, right? Trying to figure out what strategy is actually right when it comes to fueling your athlete for wrestling practice?  I bet when you ask for advice, every single parent, coach and wrestler gives you a completely different answer because it worked for them. But everything you try…Does nothingMake your wrestler feel worse instead of […]

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