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If you're not a financially independent adult, please select a time where both you and a parent or guardian will be available. We leave evenings and weekend availability open for this. If there isn't a time that works for you both, E-mail

Directions: Fill out the questionnaire in as much detail as possible.  If you're filling this application our for a minor and/or require permission from a partner/spouse to work together, please discuss this with them BEFORE making an appointment.  I encourage them to be on the call as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to count calories?

No, we don't encourage calorie counting in this program. Instead we use a simple portion method so you can learn what types of food and how much you should be eating to hit your performance and weight goals vs calories.

Do you accept insurance?

No, insurance does not cover this program.

Will this program promise me a specific amount of weight loss?

No one can promise you a specific amount of weight loss as every body is different. This program does provide a proven strategy for weigh-ins but you must apply the steps and follow the plan consistently. While most athletes are able to lose 3 to 6% of their total weight in 24 hours, I do not promise or guarantee a specific amount.

Do you offer refunds?

Because the entirety of the program is frontloaded and you receive access to all our program content and a jumpstart plan once enrolled, there are no refunds for any payments made.

How do I get support?

1. Messaging support through our training portal, PracticeBetter with responses within 24 business hours.

2. Weekly group Q&A calls where you will receive individualized guidance and support for your specific questions or situations.

3. Weekly check-in forms so you can keep our team up to date on your progress and ask any questions you may not feel comfortable asking publicly.

4. Unlimited access to our private Facebook group to answer your questions with responses within 24 business hours.

How long is the program?

12 weeks.

Do you offer support beyond the program?

If you would like additional support once your program is over, our team will assess your situation and make a few recommendations for how we can continue working together to help you best reach your goals.


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